Mushinkan Dojo

3201 Alvey Park Dr. West

Owensboro, KY 42303


We are conveniently located just outside the Owensboro "beltline" or "bypass"; our building is inside the U-shaped Alvey Park Drive, just off Hwy. 54. 

Use the map below or go to your favorite internet map service (e.g. Yahoo! or Google).

[When looking for us, you may see the sign for Caslin, Cecil, & Holtrey, Attorneys at Law; the dojo shares the building and parking lot with them. ]



The surest way to contact us is e-mail:

Dan Caslin:

Rick Triplett:

Michele Cecil:  


Or call:

Dan Caslin:     (270) 929-4042

Rick Triplett:  (270) 683-8814 (w) or

                      (270) 684-8235 (h)

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